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Innovation Award 2019

The Innovation Award was introduced first in 2019 at the 23rd International Passive House Conference in Gaobeidian, China.

With the Innovation Award, the Passive House Institute has created an additional platform to offer more attention to particularly trend-setting products and ideas and to accelerate their dissemination.

Winners 2019

All Climate Window Concept Passiv 126

All Climate Window Concept Passiv 126 by Hebei Orient Sundar, China

With the Passiv 126, Hebei Orient Sundar has introduced a timber window concept with aluminium shell, wich can be adopted easily to all climates from arctic to warm by adding insulation to the frame.

Zhenfa Fan accepted the award on behalf of Hebei Orient Sundar.
Photo: Passive House Institute

Warme Edge Swisspacer Triple

Warme Edge Swisspacer Triple by Swisspacer, Switzerland

With the Triple, Swisspacer has introduced a completely new spacer concept, using only one Spacer bar for all three panes. The central pane (2mm thickness) is inserted into the spacer.
The benefits are: Less weight, less stress and strain to the edge bond, less risk of gas losses and by that a prolonged service life.

Peter Appel accepted the award on behalf of Swisspacer.
Photo: Passive House Institute

Shower Water Heat Recovery Showesave QB1-21D-HE

Shower Water Heat Recovery Showesave QB1-21D-HE by Q-Blue B.V, Netherlands

Cold fresh water passes the waste water in a narrow gap. By that, a steady state efficiency 78% is reached. By this pure passive measure, Q-Blues drainage pipe is able to save more than half of the energy demand for DHW to very affordable investment costs.

Jürgen Schnieders, Passive House Institute, accepted the award on behalf of the company Q-Blue B.V,
Photo: Passive House Institute

EcoCocon Straw Panels

Regionally available and renewable materialsEcoCocons Straw Panels by EcoCocon s.r.o., Slovakia

Passive Houses are great – especially in case they are build from renewable and regionally available materials like EcoCocons construction System Straw panel, which provides insulation and load bearing structure by raw straw with a low share of timber only

Helmut Krapmeier accepted the award on behalf of the company EcoCocon s.r.o,
Photo: Passive House Institute

Award ceremony

The winner were announced at the 23rd International Passive House Conference on 9 - 11 October 2019 in Gaobeidian, China


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