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Certification of residential buildings

Anyone who wishes to ensure that the planned building actually does turn out to be a Passive House can have the building certified. Building owners or architects can apply for certification by the Passive House Institute or by another accredited certifier. Besides other things, the calculations on which the construction of the building is based, and the planning documentation for the building envelope and building services are examined.

If the house is awarded the “Certified Passive House” Certificate, the owner can be certain that it will have the highest standard of living comfort with an extremely low energy consumption.

The concept of the “Passive House” has deliberately not been protected. Every person who is authorised to present building documents is able to access this information and he/she is free to construct a Passive House on his/her own responsibility. However, the Passive House Institute advises that an experienced Passive House designer or expert should be consulted especially in the case of the first Passive House project.

A similar certificate is also available with adapted quality criteria for existing buildings.

The Passive House Institute itself carries out building certification (Passive Houses and EnerPHit refurbishments). For more information contact us at: building.certification[at]

Wall plaque for certified Passive Houses
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