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Passive House is more…

…than energy efficiency. The Standard offers quality construction, unparalleled levels of comfort, superior air quality, lasting energy savings, user-friendly operation as well as increased structural longevity and integrity. Best of all, the Standard makes all these benefits affordable. A Passive House building's low energy consumption is also the very reason why the remaining demand, either entirely or to a large extent, can be covered by renewable energy alone.

Energy efficient construction is not only decisive for climate protection, it is also a question of economic sense. This fact was confirmed by experts from all over the world at the International Passive House Conference, which took place on 25 and 26 April 2014 in Aachen, Germany. Over 1,000 visitors from almost 50 countries seized the opportunity to make new contacts, initiate new projects, and generally bring themselves up to speed on the latest developments in the Passive House field. Among the conference highlights this year were two awards, one given for outstanding Passive House architecture and the other for particularly energy efficient Passive House windows. Read more about the conference in the overview of the 2014 International Passive House Conference in Aachen

15 - 19 April 2015 Leipzig

Passive House efficiency makes energy revolution possible

Once completed, a building often goes untouched over the course of decades; the energy standard to which it is designed or retrofitted is therefore crucial. At the 2014 International Passive House Conference in Aachen, Germany, which took place this weekend, experts from all over the world showed how current construction practices can be made fit for the future. Recent progress on highly energy efficient building components has been groundbreaking; several examples were presented at the accompanying exhibition. Press release

Accolade for world-class architecture in Passive House Standard

Building with an eye to energy efficiency is not only cost-effective, it can also augment architectural design. This has been proven by the winners of the 2014 Passive House Award. Six buildings and one region were recognised at the opening of the International Passive House Conference in Aachen: an apartment block in Berlin (Germany), a New York retrofit (USA), a seminar building in Goesan (South Korea), an art museum in Ravensburg (Germany), a building complex in Espoo (Finland), a terraced house in Philadelphia (USA) and an entire Passive House district in Heidelberg (Germany). Press release

2014 International Passive House Conference programme published

When it comes to energy use, it is most sustainable to focus on efficiency first. With Passive House, this is also cost-effective. Practical examples of this approach will be presented by experts from around the globe during the 2014 International Passive House Conference and framework programme, to be held from 23 - 27 April in Aachen, Germany. New projects and the latest solutions in the area of energy efficient construction will be showcased by speakers in more than a hundred lectures. (Photo: Andreas Hermann/ats). Press release / Conference programme





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