invitation (pdf) to the

11th Conference on Passive Houses,

April 13th to 14th 2007

in Bregenz, Austria

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You are new in the field of Passive Houses and want to know more about it? You find in-depth information in our "basic internet course"; just start with this link passive house and have a look at topics like insulation, super windows, highly efficient ventilation, compact building services systems, etc.

"Step by Step Towards Passive Houses



The Passive House Energy Standard is the leading standard for energy efficient design and construction.

In Europe already more than 6000 passive house units have been successfully built and completed. Positive feedback from inhabitants has confirmed what had been projected: not only energy costs can be reduced drastically, but also the comfort of living increases significantly by using an energy efficient construction.

Energy efficiency is the key to high thermal comfort as well as very low energy costs. Excellent insulation, high quality windows and heat recovery make it possible not only to reduce the energy requirement just a little bit, but to substitute the main part of the demand. Products suitable for passive houses have been developed in Europe, can be produced locally and installed by local handycrafts. And such products can be used in refurbishment of existing buildings, too.

The International Passive House Conference has been established to facilitate the exchange of ideas, knowledge, and progress in the field of energy efficient construction and sustainability.

As it has been the tradition in previous years, the conference is being held every year in a different region. For the year 2006 the Passive House Institute and proKlima were pleased to invite you to join us in Hannover/Germany. The 10th Passive House Conference was held on the 19th and 20th of May 2006 in the Hannover Congress Centre. As every year, we offered a field trip to the most interesting passive house projects and construction sites in the region near Hannover 21st of May 2006.

The newest developments on highly energy efficient products and construction were introduced and presented during lectures and in a building technology fair. The building technology fair of groundbreaking developments in the sustainable materials and energy efficient systems sector was open to the public and was held parallel and in addition to the conference. Many exciting innovations are being presented every year to a wide audience in an informative way.

Hannover Congress Centrum - How to get to the HCC (pdf)

The counters open at 7:45 at the Foyer of the main entrance "Kuppelsaal" of the HCC.
Map of HCC 10th Conference on Passive Houses: HCC - 10 PHT - Map.
All presentations will begin accurately in time (no academic quarter), see the programme (pdf).

2006 May 19th    9:00 am Opening Sessions of the
                            10. International Conference on Passive Houses

2006 May 20th    8:45 am 10. International Conference on Passive Houses
2006 May 19th and 20th: Exhibition
2006 May 21st :                 Guided tour to built Passive Houses and energy efficient retrofits in the Hannover region

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> 2006-07-12
Some impressions

> 2006-05-25 Improve Energy Efficiency not only in the building sector

> 2006-05-22
It was great - thanks!

> 2006-05-17 Welcome to the 10th International Conference on Passive Houses

> 2006-05-11 Greeting address from Minister Tiefensee, Patron of the Conference on Passive Houses

> 2006-05-05 Implementation of Passive Houses

> 2006-05-05 10th Anniversary

> 2006-05-01 Research and Development in Building Physics

> 2006-04-28 Research and Development of Construction Components

> 2006-04-24
Don't moan, act!

> 2006-04-18
Examples of Passive House developments

> 2006-03-21
Regional Networks promoting Refurbishment

> 2006-03-18
Passive House School Buildings

> 2006-03-09
Full Programme Becomes Available

> 2006-03-03
Ventilation and Humidity

> 2006-03-08
Working Group III: Implementation in the Hannover-Region

> 2006-02-26
Working Group II: News on Passive House Ventilation

> 2006-02-17
Comprehensive Programme

> 2006-02-11
Working Group XVI: Innovative Constructions and Projects

> 2006-01-31
Scientific Board decides on comprehensive programme

> 2005-12-20
Call for Papers lead to an overwhelming number of returns

> 2005-11-29
Promotion of Passive Houses

> 2005-11-26
Passive Houses in Cold Climates

> 2005-11-26
Adaptation of Passive Houses to Mediterranean Climate

> 2005-11-08
Renovation using Passive House Technology

> 2005-11-03
The integral workshop: How to design a passive house in a specific climate

> 2005-10-14
The End of Cheap Energy

> 2005-10-08
Passive Houses:
Thermal Comfort

> 2005-09-30
Courage to discuss concepts

> 2005-09-24
Implementation of energy efficiency in old buildings

> 2005-09-17
Passive Houses are not restricted to residential buildings any longer

> 2005-09-09
Adressing Problems - Naming Problems - Solving Problems

> 2005-09-04
Designing, Redesigning, Creating Scopes - Architecture with the Passive House

> 2005-08-14
Exchanging Experiences – Refurbishment of Old Buildings by means of Passive House Elements

> 2005-08-14
Emphases of the 10th International Conference on Passive Houses . (Emphases)

> 2005-08-14
Use the Passive House to Conserve Values - Create Added Value - Protect a Livable Future
(Values / Future)

> 2005-08-26
New page on "How to use energy balances to improve energy efficiency".


Programme of the 10th International Conference on Passive Houses
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(short version, Englisch )


Full Programme of the 10th International Conference on Passive Houses
PDF 339 kB
(full version, Englisch )

> 2005-08-14
Conference leaflet for download. (fanfold 10th Conference on Passive Houses)
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> 2005-09-05
Invitation to the 10th Conference on passive houses on a ppt-page
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