Hard facts, not empty promises - Passive House and the energy revolution

Sustainable construction does not mean compromising comfort. On the contrary, with Passive House, thermal comfort is enhanced while running costs sink. At the International Passive House Conference in Frankfurt, Germany, over a 100 experts will show that this is possible in all climates and for practically any type of building. Tangible solutions towards the energy revolution will be presented during lectures held on 19 and 20 April where speakers will bring to light just how Passive House, a Standard resulting in a truly "Nearly Zero Energy Buildings", can facilitate the implementation of energy efficiency building legislation worldwide.

The new version of the Passive House Planning Package (PHPP) design tool will also be presented at the Conference. The new version takes both Passive House and renewable energies into account – a combination being promoted internationally by PassREg, an EU funded project. Parallel to the Conference, manufacturers will exhibit their cutting edge and highly efficient components, making energy-efficient construction ever easier.

Passive House efficiency has been substantiated by numerous measurements in practical examples worldwide. This is especially the case in Frankfurt, the unofficial "Passive House Capital" where excellent results have been achieved not just with residential buildings but also with schools and office buildings. The Standard regularly results in energy savings of up to 90 % above building stock, in new builds and retrofits alike. As roughly 40 % of world energy used currently goes to the operation of our buildings, it is clear that Passive House can make the energy revolution possible!

23 - 27 April 2014 Aachen

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