C r i t e r i a   f o r   a w a r d i n g:

This is an international award, all building types may be submitted. With this architecture award it is intended to distinguish especially well-designed Passive Houses and also their designers.

The architect/designer should submit her/his entry herself/himself.

All buildings which have been realised as Passive Houses may be entered. Certification of the building and registration of the project in the database for Passive House projects on the www.passivhausprojekte.de website are prerequisites.

Documents to be submitted:
- Poster (1 max. 2) on CD
- Project data sheet
- Author's declaration
- Publication rights (1 form per photograph/illustration)
- Copy of the certification document (or scanned PDF file)*
- all photos / illustrations / plans on CD
(Further information see guidlines in the download area.)

* A copy of the "Quality Approved Passive House" Certificate issued by the Passive House Institute Darmstadt (PHI) or by an institution authorised by the Passive House Institute Darmstadt (www.passiv.de), or official confirmation by SAENA regarding the the approval of the project in accordance with all PHPP criteria for funding of Passive Houses by the Free State of Saxony. In every case, the project must be included in the Passive House Projects database at www.passivhausprojekte.de.